Computer Graphics and Visual Computing (CGVC) 2019

Vidal, Franck P.; Tam, Gary K. L.; Roberts, Jonathan C.
CGVC 2019: Frontmatter

Horst, Robin; Degreif, Anika; Mathy, Marvin; Dörner, Ralf
Virtual Reality Callouts - Demonstrating Knowledge With Spatial-Related Textual Information

Beever, Lee; Pop, Serban; John, Nigel W.
Assisting Serious Games Level Design with an Augmented Reality Application and Workflow

Cenydd, Llyr ap; Headleand, Christopher
Optimising Underwater Environments for Mobile VR

Petit, Antoine; Haouchine, Nazim; Roy, Frederick; Goldman, Daniel B.; Cotin, Stephane
Deformed Reality

Harrington, Jake; Williams, Benjamin; Headleand, Christopher
A Somatic Approach to Combating Cybersickness Utilising Airflow Feedback

Abdellah, Marwan; Favreau, Cyrille; Hernando, Juan; Lapere, Samuel; Schürmann, Felix
Generating High Fidelity Surface Meshes of Neocortical Neurons using Skin Modifiers

Gross, Julian; Köster, Marcel; Krüger, Antonio
Fast and Efficient Nearest Neighbor Search for Particle Simulations

Williams, Benjamin; Ritsos, Panagiotis; Headleand, Christopher
Evaluating Models for Virtual Forestry Generation and Tree Placement in Games

Zorrilla, Fernando; Sappl, Johannes; Rauch, Wolfgang; Harders, Matthias
Accelerating Surface Tension Calculation in SPH via Particle Classification and Monte Carlo Integration

Roth, Thorsten; Weier, Martin; Bauszat, Pablo; Hinkenjann, André; Li, Yongmin
Hash-based Hierarchical Caching for Interactive Previews in Global Illumination Rendering

Toulatzis, Vasilis; Fudos, Ioannis
Deep Terrain Expansion: Terrain Texture Synthesis with Deep Learning

Sandoval, Mario; Morris, Tim; Turner, Martin
Controlling 3D Visualisations with Multiple Degrees of Freedom

Rahman, Aminur; Clift, Louis G.; Clark, Adrian F.
Comparing Gestural Interfaces using Kinect and OpenPose

Wen, Tianci; Mihail, Radu; Al-maliki, shatha; Letang, Jean; Vidal, Franck
Registration of 3D Triangular Models to 2D X-ray Projections Using Black-box Optimisation and X-ray Simulation

Wang, T.; Vladimirov, K.; Goh, S.; Lai, Y.-K.; Xie, X.; Tam, G. K. L.
Robust and Flexible Puzzle Solving with Corner-based Cycle Consistent Correspondences

Sujar, Aaron; Kelly, Graham; García, Marcos; Vidal, Franck
Projectional Radiography Simulator: an Interactive Teaching Tool

Moutafidou, Anastasia; Fudos, Ioannis
A Mesh Correspondence Approach for Efficient Animation Transfer

Almushyti, Muna; Li, Frederick W. B.
Recognising Human-Object Interactions Using Attention-based LSTMs

Jackson, James; Ritsos, Panagiotis; Roberts, Jonathan
Towards a Tool for the Creation of Micro-visualisations

Ahmed, Abdalla G. M.
Sampling with Pinwheel Tiles

Abduh, Latifah; Ivrissimtzis, Ioannis
Colour Processing in Adversarial Attacks on Face Liveness Systems