ICAT-EGVE 2017 - International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence and Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments 2017

Lindeman, Robert W.; Bruder, Gerd; Iwai, Daisuke
ICAT-EGVE 2017: Frontmatter

Fountain, Jake; Smith, Shamus P.
Real-time Ambient Fusion of Commodity Tracking Systems for Virtual Reality

Nakamura, Atsuyuki; Kiyokawa, Kiyoshi; Ratsamee, Photchara; Mashita, Tomohiro; Uranishi, Yuki; Takemura, Haruo
A Mutual Motion Capture System for Face-to-face Collaboration

Ens, Barrett; Anderson, Fraser; Grossman, Tovi; Annett, Michelle; Irani, Pourang; Fitzmaurice, George
Won by a Head: A Platform Comparison of Smart Object Linking in Virtual Environments

Asano, Nao; Masai, Katsutoshi; Sugiura, Yuta; Sugimoto, Maki
Facial Performance Capture by Embedded Photo Reflective Sensors on A Smart Eyewear

Finlayson, Jenna; Peterson, Jamie; Free, Joshua; Lo, Michael; Shaw, Lindsay A.; Lutteroth, Christof; Wünsche, Burkhard C.
Tour de Tune - Auditory-game-motor Synchronisation in Exergames

Yoshida, Kentaro; Inoue, Seki; Makino, Yasutoshi; Shinoda, Hiroyuki
VibVid: VIBration Estimation from VIDeo by using Neural Network

Ariyakul, Yossiri
Development of Olfactory Display Using Solenoid Valves Controlled Atomization for High Concentration Scent Emission

Dollack, Felix; Imbery, Christina; Bitzer, Jörg
On the Analysis of Acoustic Distance Perception in a Head Mounted Display

Chen, Joshua; Lee, Gun A.; Billinghurst, Mark; Lindeman, Robert W.; Bartneck, Christoph
The Effect of User Embodiment in AV Cinematic Experience

Khan, Humayun; Lee, Gun A.; Hoermann, Simon; Clifford, Rory M. S.; Billinghurst, Mark; Lindeman, Robert W.
Evaluating the Effects of Hand-gesture-based Interaction with Virtual Content in a 360° Movie

Boukhris, Mehdi; Paljic, Alexis; Lafon-Pham, Dominique
360° versus 3D Environments in VR Headsets for an Exploration Task

See, Zi Siang; Sunar, Mohd Shahrizal; Billinghurst, Mark; Dey, Arindam; Santano, Delas; Esmaeili, Human; Thwaites, Harold
An Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Pillar for Exhibitions: A Subjective Exploration

Bai, Huidong; Nassani, Alaeddin; Ens, Barrett; Billinghurst, Mark
Asymmetric Bimanual Interaction for Mobile Virtual Reality

Gao, Lei; Bai, Huidong; Piumsomboon, Thammathip; Lee, Gun A.; Lindeman, Robert W.; Billinghurst, Mark
Real-time Visual Representations for Mixed Reality Remote Collaboration

Thomas, Jerald; Azmandian, Mahdi; Grunwald, Sonia; Le, Donna; Krum, David; Kang, Sin-Hwa; Rosenberg, Evan Suma
Effects of Personalized Avatar Texture Fidelity on Identity Recognition in Virtual Reality

Amano, Toshiyuki; Ushida, Shun; Miyabayashi, Yusuke
Viewpoint-Dependent Appearance-Manipulation with Multiple Projector-Camera Systems

Lee, Gun A.; Rudhru, Omprakash; Park, Hye Sun; Kim, Ho Won; Billinghurst, Mark
User Interface Agents for Guiding Interaction with Augmented Virtual Mirrors

Abernathy, Michael; Shaw, Lindsay A.; Lutteroth, Christof; Buckley, Jude; Corballis, Paul M.; Wünsche, Burkhard C.
Enjoyment, Immersion, and Attentional Focus in a Virtual Reality Exergame with Differing Visual Environments

Passmore, Peter J.; Tennent, Paul; Walker, Brendan; Philpot, Adam; Le, Ha; Markowski, Marianne; Karamanoglu, Mehmet
Archives of Thrill: The V-Armchair Experience

Sarupuri, Bhuvaneswari; Hoermann, Simon; Whitton, Mary C.; Lindeman, Robert W.
Evaluating and Comparing Game-controller based Virtual Locomotion Techniques

Luro, Francisco Lopez; Prada, Diego Navarro; Sundstedt, Veronica
Ethical Considerations for the Use of Virtual Reality: An Evaluation of Practices in Academia and Industry

Varma, Kamala; Guy, Stephen J.; Interrante, Victoria
Assessing the Relevance of Eye Gaze Patterns During Collision Avoidance in Virtual Reality

Kim, Jangyoon; Interrante, Victoria
Dwarf or Giant: The Influence of Interpupillary Distance and Eye Height on Size Perception in Virtual Environments

Schmidt, Susanne; Bruder, Gerd; Steinicke, Frank
Moving Towards Consistent Depth Perception in Stereoscopic Projection-based Augmented Reality

Chen, Hao; Dey, Arindam; Billinghurst, Mark; Lindeman, Robert W.
Exploring Pupil Dilation in Emotional Virtual Reality Environments

Barathan, Sathya; Lee, Gun A.; Billinghurst, Mark; Lindeman, Robert W.
Sharing Gaze for Remote Instruction

Zhao, Zongyuan; Yang, Wenli; Chinthammit, Winyu; Rawnsley, Richard; Neumeyer, Paul; Cahoon, Stephen
A New Approach to Utilize Augmented Reality on Precision Livestock Farming

Kim, Hyungon; Kim, Yeongmi; Lee, Gun A.; Billinghurst, Mark; Bartneck, Christoph
Collaborative View Configurations for Multi-user Interaction with a Wall-size Display

Lee, Gun A.; Kim, Seungwon; Lee, Youngho; Dey, Arindam; Piumsomboon, Thammathip; Norman, Mitchell; Billinghurst, Mark
Improving Collaboration in Augmented Video Conference using Mutually Shared Gaze

Ladwig, Philipp; Herder, Jens; Geiger, Christian
Towards Precise, Fast and Comfortable Immersive Polygon Mesh Modelling: Capitalising the Results of Past Research and Analysing the Needs of Professionals

Srinivas, Abhishek; Weller, Rene; Zachmann, Gabriel
Fast and Accurate Simulation of Gravitational Field of Irregular-shaped Bodies using Polydisperse Sphere Packings

Kuno, Wakaba; Sugiura, Yuta; Asano, Nao; Kawai, Wataru; Sugimoto, Maki
3D Reconstruction of Hand Postures by Measuring Skin Deformation on Back Hand

Ichikari, Ryosuke; Kurata, Takeshi; Makita, Koji; Taketomi, Takafumi; Uchiyama, Hideaki; Kondo, Tomotsugu; Mori, Shohei; Shibata, Fumihisa
Reference Framework on vSRT-method Benchmarking for MAR