Pixel-Correct Shadow Maps with Temporal Reprojection and Shadow Test Confidence

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The Eurographics Association
Shadow mapping suffers from spatial aliasing (visible as blocky shadows) as well as temporal aliasing (visible as flickering). Several methods have already been proposed for reducing such artifacts, but so far none is able to provide satisfying results in real time. This paper extends shadow mapping by reusing information of previously rasterized images, stored efficiently in a so-called history buffer. This buffer is updated in every frame and then used for the shadow calculation. In combination with a special confidence-based method for the history buffer update (based on the current shadow map), temporal and spatial aliasing can be completely removed. The algorithm converges in about 10 to 60 frames and during convergence, shadow borders are sharpened over time. Consequently, in case of real-time frame rates, the temporal shadow adaption is practically imperceptible. The method is simple to implement and is as fast as uniform shadow mapping, incurring only the minor speed hit of the history buffer update. It works together with advanced filtering methods like percentage closer filtering and more advanced shadow mapping techniques like perspective or light space perspective shadow maps.

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