Object Snapping Method using Multi-Resolution Fuzzy Grid Snapping Technique

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The Eurographics Association
We propose the automatic snapping of objects using the Multi-resolution Fuzzy Grid Snapping (MFGS) for a sketch based CAD system. The sketch based CAD system, which has already been realized, identifies sketch drawings as primitive geometric curve objects, based on the user's drawing manner. While drawing objects of varying fineness, misalignments arise due to unappropriate grid snapping resolution settings. Meanwhile, MFGS is an automatic grid snapping resolution switching mechanism, which snaps a cursor on a multiple grid system, based on the snapping intentions of the user. In this paper, we propose to solve the problem of misalignments of sketched objects of various fineness by applying MFGS to object snapping. To show the effectiveness of this method, we give experiments containing drawings of linear and circular objects of various sizes, drawn with different snapping intentions. By comparing these results with the results of the traditional snapping method, we can see that because of this newly proposed object snapping method, it has become possible to dispense with the manual switching of grid snapping resolutions. Therefore we can say that our snapping method enables the user to draw curves of different fineness, seamlessly and efficiently

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Object Snapping Method using Multi-Resolution Fuzzy Grid Snapping Technique
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