A Sketching Interface for Modeling and Editing Hairstyles

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The Eurographics Association
This paper presents interaction techniques and algorithms for modeling and editing virtual 3D hairstyles with a user-friendly sketching interface. Using a pressure-sensitive tablet, a user makes freeform strokes to mimic a number of real-world hairstyling operations such as cutting, combing, curling, frizzing, and twisting. Additionally, the user can perform other localized operations such as implanting new hair strands onto a 3D surface (usually the scalp), lengthening the strands, and adjusting hair density. Virtual hairpins can also be placed onto strands to temporarily fix the position of hair which allows for the creation of more advanced styles such as ponytails. The system runs at interactive rates, thereby providing instant visual feedback to users as they work. Unlike existing hair modeling systems that require hours of complicated control point manipulations and parameter tweaking, our interface allows for creating expressive hairstyles quickly and easily, even for first-time users.

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