Meshless Isosurface Generation from Multiblock Data

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The Eurographics Association
We propose a meshless method for the extraction of high-quality continuous isosurfaces from volumetric data represented by multiple grids, also called "multiblock" data sets. Multiblock data sets are commonplace in computational mechanics applications. Relatively little research has been performed on contouring multiblock data sets, particularly when the grids overlap one another. Our algorithm proceeds in two steps. In the first step, we determine a continuous interpolant using a set of locally defined radial basis functions (RBFs) in conjunction with a partition of unity method to blend smoothly between these functions. In the second step, we extract isosurface geometry by sampling points on Marching Cubes triangles and projecting these point samples onto the isosurface defined by our interpolant. A surface splatting algorithm is employed for visualizing the resulting point set representing the isosurface. Because of our method s generality, it inherently solves the "crack problem" in isosurface generation. Results using a set of synthetic data sets and a discussion of practical considerations are presented. The importance of our method is that it can be applied to arbitrary grid data regardless of mesh layout or orientation.

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