AniMAL: A user interface prototyper and animator for MAL interactor models

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The Eurographics Association
Engineering correct software is one of the grand challenges of computer science. Practical design and verification methodologies to ensure correct software can have a substantial impact on how programs are built by the industry. As human-machine systems become more functional, they also become more complex. Consequently, the interactions between the machine and its users becomes less predictable and more difficult to analyse. Using Model Checking it is possible to automatically analyse the behaviour of a modelled system. Hence, different authors have investigated the applicability of model checking to the analysis of human-machine interactions. The IVY workbench is a tool that supports system design and verification, by providing a model checking based integrated modelling and analysis environment. The tool is based around a plugin architecture, and although it features a verification results' analyser, it thus far lacked the ability to visually expose the sequence of events that lead to a system failure on a system's prototype. We propose the AniMAL plugin as an extension to the IVY workbench, providing automatic user interface prototyping and verification results' animation, while allowing thorough customisation.

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