Single-View Sketch Based Modeling

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The Eurographics Association
This paper presents a new sketch modeling system that is able to generate complex objects drawn from a unique viewpoint. The user draws the model in an iterative manner, adding simple parts to the existing object until completion. Each part is constructed from two construction lines (lines on the surface of the object that are planarand perpendicular to each other) whose orientation in the 3D space is uniquely determined by the system, and an optional silhouette. The system is then able to produce rough 3D reconstructions of drawings very easily by tracing over a sketch for example. Such models are perfectly suited to investigate their shade or shadow and theycan be used as substitutes for more detailed models when the need for quick models is present. The user can also explore shapes directly on the system, refining the shape on the go in a oversketching way. The creation of models is very efficient, as the user models the shapes directly in the correct pose and orientation. Results show that the system is able to create complex objects without ever having to change the viewpoint

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