A Cameraphone-Based Approach for the Generation of 3D Models from Paper Sketches .

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The Eurographics Association
Due to the advantages it offers, a sketch-based user-interface (UI) has been utilised in various domains, such as 3D modelling, 'graphical user-interface' design, 3D animation of cartoon characters, etc. However, its benefits have not yet been adequately exploited with those of a mobile phone, despite that the latter is nowadays a widely used wireless handheld device for mobile communication. Given this scenario, this paper discloses a novel approach of using a paper sketch-based UI, which combines the benefits of paper sketching and those of a cameraphone (a mobile phone with an integrated camera), in the domain of early form design modelling. More specifically, the framework disclosed and evaluated in this paper, enables users to remotely obtain visual representations of 3D geometric models from freehand sketches by combining the portability of paper with that of cameraphones. Based on this framework, a prototype tool has been implemented and evaluated. Despite the limitations of the current prototype tool, the evaluation results of the framework s underlying concepts and of the prototype tool collectively indicate that the idea disclosed in this paper contributes in providing users with a mobile sketch-based interface, which can also be used in other domains, beyond early form design modelling.

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