Mastering the Information Age Solving Problems with Visual Analytics

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Eurographics Association
Today, in many spheres of human activity, massive amounts of data are collected and stored. As the volumes of data available to lawmakers, civil servants, business people and scientists increase, their effective use becomes more challenging. Simply keeping up to date with the flood of data, using standard tools for data management and analysis, is fraught with difficulty. The field of visual analytics seeks to provide people with better and more effective means to understand and analyse massive amounts of data. It also seeks to enable them to act upon their findings immediately, that is, in real time. Visual analytics integrates the analytic capabilities of the computer and the abilities of the human analyst. In so doing it allows novel discoveries and empowers individuals to take control of the analytical process. Visual analytics opens the door to the discoveries and unexpected insights which lead to beneficial and profitable innovation. This book is the result of the VisMaster project, a coordination action funded by the European Commission to form a strong visual analytics research community.