Developing a Virtual Training System in Aeronautical Industry

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The Eurographics Association
The paper deals with the developing of a virtual training system to be implemented in an aeronautic company. The strength of the training method based on the use of Virtual Reality is the high degree of interactivity that it is possible to obtain in a virtual environment. In fact, unlike the traditional methods based on classroom lessons supported by slides and videos that only allow a passive participation of the users to the training, Virtual Reality, with its immersive environments, allows the students both to visualize realistically the contents of the lesson, and to interact with the represented objects. According to that, thanks to the collaboration with Alenia, one of the most important Italian companies in the aeronautical field, we elaborated an innovative virtual training methodology, named AVIRA, specifically dedicated to the users working with composed materials. For the development of this system we started from a real case regarding a particular production process of a specific component. The considered production process is the stratification/lamination of carboresin, used for the fabrication of aeronautical components of high technological content, that is currently active at Alenia Aeronautica in Foggia.

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