Encyclopaedia-based Framework for 3D Image Processing Applications

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The Eurographics Association
The uses of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are rapidly increasing across diverse applications including surveillance, policing and search and rescue. To perform domain-specific functions, software systems incorporating 2D and 3D image processing libraries are being developed to work on the recorded and streamed video. But how agile are these systems? Can their operation be modified by users? How easy is it to add or replace UAVs or their preferred imaging module or improved compute resources? In this work-in-progress paper, we present an encyclopaedia-based framework (EbF) that can answer positively to these questions. Our novel EbF specifies the use of drop-in modules to enable speedy implementation and modification of systems by the operator and, as it incorporates knowledge of the input image-capture devices and presentation preferences, the system includes automated parameter selection. Central to the framework is an encyclopaedia which is used to store all information pertaining to the current system operation and can be used by imaging modules to ensure that they can adapt to changes within the system or its environment. Results are shown over three use-case implementations that are easy to control and set-up by novice operators utilising simple computational wrapper scripts.

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