Sketch-Based Design for Bargello Quilts

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The Eurographics Association
Quilting is an art form in which amateur craftspeople explore geometry and color to create stunning designs. Bargello is a specific quilt style defined by a clever construction method that imposes constraints on the designs and gives them a characteristic appearance. Currently, Bargello patterns are typically designed manually, in a process that is laborious and time-consuming. We have developed a prototype system in which users can design Bargello quilts quickly and easily by sketching curves with a mouse. As a curve is drawn, the system transforms it into a graceful Bargello curve, composed of corner-connected axis-aligned rectangles, that respects both physical constraints and design constraints intrinsic to the Bargello style. We also provide a design setting that supports design variations typical of Bargello quilts and a set of tools to extend simple designs into complex ones. We conducted an informal evaluation of the system in a series of focus group sessions with potential users from the quilting community. Quilters were enthusiastic about the system and also provided suggestions for improvement.

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