RegionSketch: Interactive and Rapid Creation of 3D Models with Rich Details

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The Eurographics Association
In this paper, we articulate a new approach to interactive generation of 3D models with rich details by way of sketching sparse 2D strokes. Our novel method is a natural extension of Poisson vector graphics (PVG). We design new algorithms that distinguish themselves from other existing sketch-based design systems with three unique features: (1) A novel sketch metaphor to create freeform surface based on Poisson's equation, which is simple, intuitive, and free of ambiguity; (2) Convenient and flexible user interface that affords the user to add rich details to the surface with simple sketch input; and (3) Rapid model creation with sparse strokes, which enables novice users to enjoy the utilities of our system to create expected 3D models. We validate the proposed method through a large repository of interactively sketched examples. Our experiments and produced results confirm that our new method is a simple yet efficient design tool for modeling free-form shapes with simple and intuitive 2D sketches input.

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RegionSketch: Interactive and Rapid Creation of 3D Models with Rich Details
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