"Beyond the desktop, Out of the Office..." Designing Interactive Graphics Applications for Mobile Devices

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The Eurographics Association
The recent availability of increasingly powerful PDAs and mobile phones is making it possible to develop new applications based on interactive (2D as well as 3D) graphics. However, limitations of mobile devices and the peculiar needs of users on-the-go require a careful design of applications that are specifically thought for mobile devices and users [Chi06]. Mobile graphics applications become even more innovative and provide functionalities that were unavailable on desktop systems when they are integrated with various sensors (e.g., GPS, accelerometers, heart rate monitors, pulseoximeters, ...) that allow one to adapt the behavior of the application according to position in space (location-awareness) and other parameters (context-awareness). In this way, the mobile device becomes able to choose what to draw and how to draw it on the display based on what is happening to the user as well as the physical world that surrounds her. Moreover, the data recorded by mobile sensors about the behavior of users on the move lends itself to the design of visualizations that can be important in domains such as health care, urban planning, geomarketing, emergency management, and others. This invited talk will first discuss why and how mobile graphics applications require to be approached differently from traditional ones. Then, it will demonstrate some new mobile applications that have been developed in domains as diverse as tourism, health and fitness, navigation, and architectural visualization. Finally, it will deal with the visualization of mobile users' behaviors by showing two different tools we have recently proposed [CRI06, NC07].

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