Multi-style Paper Pop-up Designs from 3D Models

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The Eurographics Association and John Wiley and Sons Ltd.
Paper pop-ups are interesting three-dimensional books that fascinate people of all ages. The design and construction of these pop-up books however are done manually and require a lot of time and effort. This has led to computer-assisted or automated tools for designing paper pop-ups. This paper proposes an approach for automatically converting a 3D model into a multi-style paper pop-up. Previous automated approaches have only focused on single-style pop-ups, where each is made of a single type of pop-up mechanisms. In our work, we combine multiple styles in a pop-up, which is more representative of actual artist s creations. Our method abstracts a 3D model using suitable primitive shapes that both facilitate the formation of the considered pop-up mechanisms and closely approximate the input model. Each shape is then abstracted using a set of 2D patches that combine to form a valid pop-up. We define geometric conditions that ensure the validity of the combined pop-up structures. In addition, our method also employs an image-based approach for producing the patches to preserve the textures, finer details and important contours of the input model. Finally, our system produces a printable design layout and decides an assembly order for the construction instructions. The feasibility of our results is verified by constructing the actual paper pop-ups from the designs generated by our system.

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