Mesh Segmentation via Spectral Embedding and Contour Analysis

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The Eurographics Association and Blackwell Publishing Ltd
We propose a mesh segmentation algorithm via recursive bisection where at each step, a sub-mesh embedded in 3D is first spectrally projected into the plane and then a contour is extracted from the planar embedding. We rely on two operators to compute the projection: the well-known graph Laplacian and a geometric operator designed to emphasize concavity. The two embeddings reveal distinctive shape semantics of the 3D model and complement each other in capturing the structural or geometrical aspect of a segmentation. Transforming the shape analysis problem to the 2D domain also facilitates our segmentability analysis and sampling tasks. We propose a novel measure of the segmentability of a shape, which is used as the stopping criterionfor our segmentation. The measure is derived from simple area- and perimeter-based convexity measures. We achieve invariance to shape bending through multi-dimensional scaling (MDS) based on the notion of inner distance. We also utilize inner distances to develop a novel sampling scheme to extract two samples along a contour which correspond to two vertices residing on different parts of the sub-mesh. The two samples are used to derive a spectral linear ordering of the mesh faces. We obtain a final cut via a linear search over the face sequence based on part salience, where a choice of weights for different factors of part salience is guided by the result from segmentability analysis.

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Mesh Segmentation via Spectral Embedding and Contour Analysis
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