Bringing the Semantics into Digital Shapes: the AIM@SHAPE Approach

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The Eurographics Association
This presentation describes the main objectives and achievements of the European Network of Excellence AIM@SHAPE. This NoE is aimed to advance research in the direction of semantic-based shape representations and tools able to acquire, build, transmit and process shapes with their associated knowledge. Acting on a multi-disciplinary research field, AIM@SHAPE deeply integrates geometry processing, computer graphics and vision with knowledge technologies. The core of the integration resides in the homogenisation of the approach to modelling shapes and their associated semantics using knowledge formalisation mechanisms: metadata and ontology. A main objective is also to develop an innovative e-science platform for modelling, processing and sharing digital shapes, called the Digital Shape Workbench (DSW). Through the definition of general and specific shape ontologies, the DSW is a framework able to store shapes, tools, and publications along with the knowledge related to them.

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