Ray tracing of dynamic scenes

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Günther, Johannes
In the last decade ray tracing performance reached interactive frame rates for nontrivial scenes, which roused the desire to also ray trace dynamic scenes. Changing the geometry of a scene, however, invalidates the precomputed auxiliary data-structures needed to accelerate ray tracing. In this thesis we review and discuss several approaches to deal with the challenge of ray tracing dynamic scenes. In particular we present the motion decomposition approach that avoids the invalidation of acceleration structures due to changing geometry. To this end, the animated scene is analyzed in a preprocessing step to split it into coherently moving parts. Because the relative movement of the primitives within each part is small it can be handled by special, pre-built kd-trees. Motion decomposition enables ray tracing of predefined animations and skinned meshed at interactive frame rates. Our second main contribution is the streamed binning approach. It approximates the evaluation of the cost function that governs the construction of optimized kd-trees and BVHs. As a result, construction speed especially for BVHs can be increased by one order of magnitude while still maintaining their high quality for ray tracing.