Introduction to Computer Graphics: A Visual Interactive Approach

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The Eurographics Association
Computer graphics is a difficult topic, requiring associating mathematics and programming skills. When initially taught at undergraduate levels, there are several factors which discourage students. First, programming a first computer graphics program requires a substantial initial framework which can be intimidating for many of them. Second, understanding and applying mathematical concepts is very often overwhelming. To counter this intimidating feeling, a new teaching approach was proposed in 2018 to 3rd year undergraduate computer science students. The course was split into two parts, theory and practice. The theoretical concepts were seen in class, with course handouts and table exercises resembling closely to traditional computer graphics learning. The originality of the course comes from a new way of practicing 3D programming. Practical labs were built upon the Unity game engine programming platform, adapted to match the theoretical concepts seen in classroom. Conclusions are drawn over 4 years of teaching this course. When taught using an accompanying easy-to-access graphics programming platform, computer graphics becomes a more attractive course for students with lower mathematics and programming skills. It is also very satisfactory for skillful students as it enables them to grab and master concepts quickly to reach interesting final lab achievements.

CCS Concepts: Computing methodologies --> Computer graphics; Applied computing --> Interactive learning environments

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