Application of Image Processing Functions for Brain Tumor Enhancement in Intraoperative Ultrasound Image Data

Intraoperative ultrasound (iUS) imaging supports neurosurgeons significantly during brain tumor operations. At the beginning of the intervention the integration of the iUS image data within the navigation system guides the surgeon by optimally planning the position and size of the skull opening. After tumor resection, the visualization of the iUS image data enables to identify possible tumor residuals. However, the iUS image data can be complex to interpret. Existing segmentation and registration functions were assembled into pipeline to enhance brain tumor contours in the 3D iUS image data. A brain tumor model, semi-automatically segmented in the preoperative MR data of patients, is rigidly registered with the 3D iUS image using image gradient information. The contour of the registered tumor model is visualized on the monitor of the navigation system. The rigid registration step was offline evaluated on 15 patients who overcame a brain tumor operation. The registered tumor models were compared with manual segmentations of the brain tumor in the 3D iUS data. Averaged DSI values of 82.3% and 68.4% and averaged contour mean distances of 1.7 mm and 3.3 mm were obtained for brain metastases and glioblastomas respectively. Future works will include the improvement of the functions in the pipeline, the integration of the pipeline into a centralized assistance system including further fonctionalities and connected with the navigation system, and the evaluation of the system during brain tumor operations.

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