Geometric Modeling Based on Polygonal Meshes

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The Eurographics Association
Polygonal meshes are nowadays intensively used in many different areas of computer graphics and geometry processing. In classical CAGD polygonal meshes developed into a valuable alternative to traditional spline surfaces, since their conceptual simplicity allows for more flexible and more efficient processing. Moreover, the consequent use of triangle meshes avoids error-prone conversions, e.g., the meshing of CAD surfaces for numerical simulations. Besides classical geometric modeling, other major areas frequently employing triangle meshes are computer games and movie production. In this context geometric models are often acquired by 3D scanning techniques and have to undergo post-processing and shape optimization before being actually used in production. The course starts with a comparison of different surface representations, motivating the use of polygonal meshes. We discuss the removal of geometric and topological degeneracies, and introduce quality measures for polygonal meshes, followed by their respective optimization, namely smoothing, decimation, and remeshing. We further discuss parametrization and present interactive shape editing, including a brief discussion on efficient numerical solvers. Since the course covers the whole mesh processing pipeline, it can give a full overview and point out interesting and important connections between the individual topics. For each topic we present the fundamental concepts and current state-of-the-art techniques. Frequent software demonstrations will give the participants a better understanding of the discussed algorithms. Moreover, these demo applications will be available from the course materials, both as binaries and in full source code, based on the popular mesh libraries OpenMesh and CGAL. This enables the participants to implement the discussed algorithms and reproduce the results published in the corresponding papers.

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