Preserving Ceramic Industrial Heritage Through Digital Technologies

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The Eurographics Association
World-renowned for its perfection of Bone China and underglaze blue printing techniques, the historic Spode Works in Stokeon- Trent was one of the few ceramic factories in Britain to have operated continuously on its original site until the company ceased trading in 2008. Since then the site has undergone many transitions with much of its former production infrastructure being discarded. Currently the site holds an estimated 70,000 moulds once used in ceramic production dating from the mid 19th century to 2008, which remain as critical elements of British industrial history at risk of disappearing. This paper presents on-going research which explores the application of 3D technologies to create digital surrogates to support the preservation of these Cultural Heritage artefacts, and ways through which their form and context can be explored to creatively disseminate the associated histories of their production. Given the complex nature of ceramic manufacturing as well as the large-scale of the problem, this is not an easy challenge. Hence, the research investigates workflows and technologies which can support creating a digital, and potentially physical, archive with a selection of mould typologies, shapes and complexities. To further understand the complexities of industrial craft practices, the resultant dataset also aims to elucidate material and craft knowledge embodied within such objects. For this, the research looks into novel manufacturing processes, such as 3D printing, to re-invent the physical shapes documented in these moulds in new interpretations of this historic legacy.

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