A New 3D Spring for Deformable Object Animation

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Eurographics Association
A new3D spring for deformable object animation is proposed. Currently mass-spring system is most widely used in a deformable object animation as well as cloth animation. In order to perform a realistic cloth animation using the conventional mass-spring system, one requires three kinds of springs, that is, structural spring, shear spring, and bend spring. Performing a deformable object animation of a given geometric model also requires user’s knowledge or trial-and-error on constructing a stable spring network. For example, a cube model constructed from the edges used in faces for rendering would collapse, and one should use additional springs connecting the vertices inside the cube in order to make a stable spring model for simulation. Using the proposed 3D spring all this tedious and complicated modeling procedure can be omitted and one can easily construct a stable mass and 3D spring model from a geometric model with arbitrary shape. In addition to that, our 3D spring makes it possible to animate sharp folds of a very thin object easily and efficiently without any additional geometrical procedure.

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A New 3D Spring for Deformable Object Animation
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