VIBE: A Design Space for VIsual Belief Elicitation in Data Journalism

The process of forming, expressing, and updating beliefs from data plays a critical role in data-driven decision making. Effectively eliciting those beliefs has potential for high impact across a broad set of applications, including increased engagement with data and visualizations, personalizing visualizations, and understanding users' visual reasoning processes, which can inform improved data analysis and decision making strategies (e.g., via bias mitigation). Recently, belief-driven visualizations have been used to elicit and visualize readers' beliefs in a visualization alongside data in narrative media and data journalism platforms such as the New York Times and FiveThirtyEight. However, there is little research on different aspects that constitute designing an effective belief-driven visualization. In this paper, we synthesize a design space for belief-driven visualizations based on formative and summative interviews with designers and visualization experts. The design space includes 7 main design considerations, beginning with an assumed data set, then structured according to: from who, why, when, what, and how the belief is elicited, and the possible feedback about the belief that may be provided to the visualization viewer. The design space covers considerations such as the type of data parameter with optional uncertainty being elicited, interaction techniques, and visual feedback, among others. Finally, we describe how more than 24 existing belief-driven visualizations from popular news media outlets span the design space and discuss trends and opportunities within this space.

CCS Concepts: Human-centered computing --> Visualization theory, concepts and paradigms

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VIBE: A Design Space for VIsual Belief Elicitation in Data Journalism
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