Cylindrical Transform Slicing of Revolute Parts with Overhangs for Laser Metal Deposition

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The Eurographics Association
In the context of Laser Metal Deposition (LMD), temporary support structures are needed to manufacture overhanging features. In order to limit the need for supports, multi-axis machines intervene in the deposition by sequentially repositioning the part. Under multi-axis rotations and translations, slicing and toolpath generation represent significant challenges. Slicing has been partially addressed by authors in multi-axis LMD. However, tool-path generation in multi-axis LMD is rarely touched. One of the reasons is that the required slices for LMD may be strongly non-developable. This fact produces a significant mismatch between the tool-path speeds and other parameters in Parametric space vs. actual Euclidean space. For the particular case of developable slices present in workpieces with cylindrical kernel and overhanging neighborhoods, this manuscript presents a methodology for LMD tool path generation. Our algorithm takes advantage of existing cylindrical iso-radial slicing by generating a path in the (?, z) parameter space and isometrically translating it into the R3 Euclidean space. The presented approach is advantageous because it allows the path-planning of complex structures by using the methods for conventional 2.5-axis AM. Our computer experiments show that the presented approach can be effectively used in manufacturing industrial/mechanical pieces (e.g., spur gears). Future work includes the generation of the machine g-code for actual LMD equipment.

CCS Concepts: Computing methodologies --> Shape modeling; Modeling and simulation; Applied computing --> Computer-aided design

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