An Interactive Exploration of the Virtual Stronghold Dillenburg

This paper presents the results of an interdisciplinary project aiming at the virtual three-dimensional reconstruction of the stronghold Dillenburg, which has been completely destroyed in 1768. For an interactive virtual exploration, a high-quality 3D model was generated in close cooperation between local historians and scientists from the field of Computer Graphics based on a collection of ancient text documents, drawings and floor plans. Computer animations were generated and assembled in a DVD product for comfortable access to the virtual fortress. For the exhibition in the museum Dillenburg, a real-time application was developed for on site virtual exploration. Provided with a touch screen for interaction and a wide-screen display system, visitors can intuitively explore the virtual reconstruction and access supplemental historical background material on demand. With the multimedia installation we present a new experience which empowers visitors of the museum to explore an historical site freely at their own preferences and encourages younger audience to show more interest in cultural heritage.

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An Interactive Exploration of the Virtual Stronghold Dillenburg
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