Using Modern Interaction Devices for HCI and Interaction Design Courses

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The Eurographics Association
Recent dissemination of proprietary and third-party PC drivers and SDKs of advanced console controllers and modern interaction devices has enabled new forms of 3D, tactile and multimodal user interfaces. In this paper, we present an educational methodology which allows students to use modern interaction devices (touch screen, depth sensors, gyroscopes) and programming environments in their projects. We re-design Human Computer Interaction (TI - 2004) and Introduction to Interaction Design (TC - 1015) undergraduate courses offered at the Tecnógico de Monterrey, Mexico City Campus, based on the project based learning (PBL) technique and interaction design process. The students were building their own knowledge through the development of a semester project enabling them to demonstrate, taught, and discussed with each other what they had learned. As a result, students learned up-to-date technologies and applied successfully concepts such as body gesture tracking and recognition, natural user interface design and multimodal interaction into their projects.

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