New Trends in 3D Video

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The Eurographics Association
3D Video is an emerging and challenging research discipline that lives on the boundary between computer vision and computer graphics. The goal of researchers working in the field is to extract spatio-temporal models of dynamic scenes from multi-video footage in order to display them from user-controlled synthetic perspectives. 3D Video technology has the potential to lay the algorithmic foundations for a variety of intriguing new applications. This includes stunning novel visual effects for movies and computer games, as well as, facilitating the entire movie production pipeline by enabling virtual rearranging of cameras and lighting during post-processing. Furthermore, 3D Video processing will revolutionize visual media by enabling 3D TV and movies with interactive viewpoint control, or by enabling virtual fly-arounds during sports-broadcasts. To achieve this purpose, several challenging problems from vision and graphics have to be solved simultaneously. The speakers in this course will explain the foundations of dynamic scene acquisition, dynamic scene reconstruction and dynamic scene rendering based on their own seminal work, as well as related approaches from the literature. They will explain in more detail three important categories of algorithms for dynamic shape and appearance reconstruction, namely silhouette-based, stereobased, and model- based approaches. Alternative methods, such as data-driven approaches, will also be reviewed. The tutorial will focus on latest 3D Video techniques that were not yet covered in a tutorial, including algorithms for freeviewpoint video relighting, model-based deformable mesh tracking, as well as highquality scene reconstruction with camera/projector setups. The course keeps a balance between the explanation of theoretical foundations, engineering problems and emerging applications of 3D Video technology. We therefore believe that the course will be a valuable and entertaining source of information for students, researchers and practitioners alike.

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