Representing Appearance and Pre-filtering Subpixel Data in Sparse Voxel Octrees

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The Eurographics Association
Sparse Voxel Octrees (SVOs) represent efficiently complex geometry on current GPUs. Despite the fact that LoDs come naturally with octrees, interpolating and filtering SVOs are still issues in current approaches. In this paper, we propose a representation for the appearance of a detailed surface with associated attributes stored within a voxel octree. We store macro- and micro-descriptors of the surface shape and associated attributes in each voxel. We represent the surface macroscopically with a signed distance field and we encode subvoxel microdetails with Gaussian descriptors of the surface and attributes within the voxel. Our voxels form a continuous field interpolated through space and scales, through which we cast conic rays. Within the ray marching steps, we compute the occlusion distribution produced by the macro-surface inside a pixel footprint, we use the microdescriptors to reconstruct light- and view-dependent shading, and we combine fragments in an A-buffer way. Our representation efficiently accounts for various subpixel effects. It can be continuously interpolated and filtered, it is scalable, and it allows for efficient depth-of-field.We illustrate the quality of these various effects by displaying surfaces at different scales, and we show that the timings per pixel are scale-independent.

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