Modelling the Fluid-Boundary Interaction in SPH

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The Eurographics Association
Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) is a numerical method based on mutually interacting meshfree particles, and has been widely applied to fluid simulation in Computer Graphics. Originally SPH does not define the behaviour of the particle system in the contour, so the different variants of SPH have been solving this deficiency with different techniques. Some of these techniques are based on fictitious forces, specular particles or semi-analytic fields. However, all these proposals present a drawback, that are may introduce additional inaccuracy as a divergent behaviour of the particle dynamics or an artificial separation between the fluid limits and the contour. To solve these limitations at this paper presents a new technique based on contour particles that are used during simulation to model the interaction with the fluid. The use of contour particles had already been used in other works to construct the contour like a particle layer. That solution presents problems especially when increasing the complexity of the contour shape. In addition, unlike other techniques, this paper presents an additional advantage, the possibility of obtaining all the dynamic magnitudes for improving efficiency and versatility.

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