Towards Biomechanically and Visually Plausible Volumetric Cutting Simulation of Deformable Bodies

Due to the simplicity and high efficiency, composited finite element method(CFEM) based virtual cutting attracted much attention in the field of virtual surgery in recent years. Even great progress has been made in volumetric cutting of deformable bodies, there are still several open problems restricting its applications in practical surgical simulator. First among them is cutting fracture modelling. Recent methods would produce cutting surface immediately after an intersection between the cutting plane and the object. But in real cutting, biological tissue would first deform under the external force induced by scalpel and then fracture occurs when the stress exceeds a threshold. Secondly, it's computation-intensive to reconstruct cutting surface highly consistent with the scalpel trajectory, since reconstructed cutting surface in CFEM-based virtual cutting simulation is grid-dependent and the accuracy of cutting surface is proportional to the grid resolution. This paper propose a virtual cutting method based on CFEM which can effectively simulate cutting fracture in a biomechanically and visually plausible way and generate cutting surface which is consistent with the scalpel trajectory with a low resolution finite element grid. We model this realistic cutting as a deformation-fracture repeating process. In deformation stage, the object will deform along with the scalpel motion, while in the fracture stage cutting happens and a cutting surface will be generated from the scalpel trajectory. A delayed fracturing criteria is proposed to determine when and how the cutting fracture occurs and an influence domain adaptation method is employed to generate accurate cutting surface in both procedures of deformation and fracture. Experiments show that our method can realistically simulate volumetric cutting of deformable bodies and efficiently generate accurate cutting surface thus facilitating interactive applications.

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