Efficient Architecture for Low-Cost Adaptive 3D Graphics-Based E-Learning Applications

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The Eurographics Association
This work describes the design and implementation of the Virtual Reality Tool (VRT), a core component within the educational platform developed for the European research project IST-2001-33184, SLIM-VRT (Self Learning Integrated Methodology Virtual Reality Tool). The main objective of this project is to propose an alternative for integrated maritime self-learning on board and ashore based on the use of interactive multimedia and low-cost 3D graphics technologies. The integration of the Virtual Reality Tool in the educational platform involves the incorporation of 3D graphic experiences to the educational process. Based on VRML and other standard tools, the VRT-enabled case studies are used for those learning activities in which the students interact with a virtual environment either to access multimedia information associated to relevant objects/devices in the scene, or to manipulate those devices to carry out specific simulations of operational tasks identified in the case study. With the aim of fulfilling the user s requirements and learning needs identified within this field of application, the design of the VRT has required specific developments to overcome VRML limitations and make it possible to: (i) customize dynamically both the education programme and the multimedia content according to the specific user s and terminal profiles; (ii) manage efficiently the interactivity with the virtual environment to adapt in realtime the learning process, according to student s actions; and (iii) design and implement multiple case studies based on the same virtual environments, thus minimizing the modelling effort.

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