Graphics based Computer Adaptive Testing and Beyond

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The Eurographics Association
Instead of computer games, animations, cartoons, and videos being used only for entertainment by kids, there is now an interest in using graphics for 'innovative testing'. Rather than traditional pen-and-paper tests, audio, video and graphics are being conceived as alternative means for more effective testing in the future. In this paper we review some examples of graphics item types for testing. As well, we outline how games can be used to interactively test concepts; discuss designing chemistry item types with interactive graphics; suggest approaches for automatically adjusting difficulty level in interactive graphics based questions; and propose strategies for giving partial marks for incorrect answers. We study how to test different cognitive skills, such as music, using multimedia interfaces; and also evaluate the effectiveness of our model. A method for estimating difficulty level of a mathematical item type using Item Response Theory (IRT) is discussed. Evaluation of the graphics item types through extensive testing on some students is also described. All of the graphics implementations shown in this report are developed by members of our research group.

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