A Survey of Real-Time Hard Shadow Mapping Methods

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The Eurographics Association
Due to its versatility, speed and robustness, shadow mapping has always been a popular algorithm for fast hard shadow generation since its introduction in 1978, first for off-line film productions and later increasingly so in real-time graphics. So it is not surprising that recent years have seen an explosion in the number of shadow map related publications. The last survey that encompassed shadow mapping approaches, but was mainly focused on soft shadow generation, dates back to 2003 [HLHS03], while the last survey for general shadow generation dates back to 1990 [WPF90]. No survey that describes all the advances made in hard shadow map generation in recent years exists. On the other hand, shadow mapping is widely used in the game industry, in production, and in many other applications, and it is the basis of many soft shadow algorithms. Due to the abundance of articles on the topic, it has become very hard for practitioners and researchers to select a suitable shadow algorithm, and therefore many applications miss out on the latest high-quality shadow generation approaches. The goal of this survey is to rectify this situation by providing a detailed overview of this field. We provide a detailed analysis of shadow mapping errors and derive from this a comprehensive classification of the existing methods. We discuss the most influential algorithms, consider their benefits and shortcomings and thereby provide the reader with the means to choose the shadow algorithm best suited to his or her needs.

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