Scene Collages and Flexible Camera Arrays

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The Eurographics Association
This paper presents an automatic method for creating a collage from a collection of photos of a scene taken from different viewpoints. The collage is constructed by aligning the images (in terms of their positions, rotations and scales) using a least-squares formulation. We have developed a graph-based optimization algorithm for layering the images so as to minimize the fragmentation of the collage. A collage can be displayed with opaque layers, with transparent layers, or with blended image boundaries. A scene collage can be viewed as a piece-wise perspective representation of a scene with visible seams. This representation has not only aesthetic value but also conveys scene structure and camera motion in an intuitive way. To capture live-action collages of dynamic scenes we have developed camera arrays that can be physically flexed by the user to continuously vary the composition of the scene. The design of our camera arrays enables a user to reconfigure them in terms of the spatial arrangement of the cameras in a matter of minutes. We show several still and dynamic examples that demonstrate that scene collages provide a new and interesting way to experience scenes.

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