Computer Aided Analysis of Underdrawings in Infrared Reflectograms

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The Eurographics Association
Recent developments in computer vision are providing powerful tools for the evaluation of data gathered by art historians and archaeologists. New camera hardware allows new insights into cultural heritage, especially if infrared cameras are concerned, since they allow the of study structures that are visually hidden. In this paper preliminary results of developing a system for automatic analysis of infrared reflectograms are presented. We concentrate on an algorithm for the automatic segmentation of strokes in underdrawings - the basic concept of the artist - in ancient panel paintings and the removal of cracks in infrared images. The purpose of the stroke analysis is the determination of the drawing tool used to draft the painting. This information allows significant support for a systematic stylistic approach in the analysis of paintings. Stroke segmentation in paintings is related to the extraction and recognition of handwriting, therefore similar techniques to segment the strokes from the background incorporating boundary information are used. Results of the algorithms developed are presented for both test panels and real reflectograms.

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Computer Aided Analysis of Underdrawings in Infrared Reflectograms
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