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    • Art-directed Watercolor Rendered Animation 

      Montesdeoca, Santiago E.; Seah, Hock-Soon; Rall, Hans-Martin (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
      This paper presents a system to render 3D animated geometry as watercolor painted animation with art-directed control. Our approach focuses on letting the end user paint the influence of the modeled watercolor effects in ...
    • Data-Driven Iconification 

      Liu, Yiming; Agarwala, Aseem; Lu, Jingwan; Rusinkiewicz, Szymon (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
      Pictograms (icons) are ubiquitous in visual communication, but creating the best icon is not easy: users may wish to see a variety of possibilities before settling on a final form, and they might lack the ability to draw ...
    • Patternista: Learning Element Style Compatibility and Spatial Composition for Ring-based Layout Decoration 

      Phan, Huy Quoc; Lu, Jingwan; Asente, Paul; Chan, Antoni B.; Fu, Hongbo (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
      Creating aesthetically pleasing decorations for daily objects is a task that requires deep understanding of multiple aspects of object decoration, including color, composition and element compatibility. A designer needs a ...