Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling 2005

Dematapitiya, Sumudu; Kawazoe, Masatoshi; Khand, Qamar Uddin; Saga, Sato
Object Snapping Method using Multi-Resolution Fuzzy Grid Snapping Technique

Yuan, Xiaoru; Xu, Hui; Nguyen, Minh; Shesh, Amit; Chen, Baoquan
Sketch-based Segmentation of Scanned Outdoor Environment Models

Sykora, D.; Buriánek, J.; Zara, J.
Sketching Cartoons by Example

Mitani, Jun
A Simple-to-Implementation Method for Cutting a Mesh Model by a Hand-Drawn Stroke

Olsen, L.; Samavati, F. F.; Sousa, M. C.; Jorge, J. A.
Sketch-Based Mesh Augmentation

Schmidt, Ryan; Wyvill, B.; Sousa, M. C.; Jorge, J. A.
ShapeShop: Sketch-Based Solid Modeling with BlobTrees

Yang, Chen; Sharon, Dana; Panne, Michiel van de
Sketch-based Modeling of Parameterized Objects

Kallio, Kiia
3D6B Editor: Projective 3D Sketching with Line-Based Rendering

Oh, Ji-Young; Stuerzlinger, Wolfgang; Danahy, John
Comparing SESAME and Sketching on Paper for Conceptual 3D Design

Liu, Weizhong; Kondo, Kunio; Mitani, Jun
An Interactive Sketch-based Modeling System using a Topology Library and Subdivision Methods

Varley, P. A. C.; Martin, R. R.; Suzuki, H.
Progress in Detection of Axis-Aligned Planes to Aid in Interpreting Line Drawings of Engineering Objects

Masry, Mark; Lipson, H.
A Sketch-Based Interface for Iterative Design and Analysis of 3D Objects

Qin, S. F.; Sun, Guangmin; Wright, D. K.; Lim, S.; Khan, U.; Mao, C.
2D Sketch Based Recognition of 3D freeform Shape by Using the RBF Neural Network

Das, Koel; Diaz-Gutierrez, Pablo; Gopi, M.
Sketching Free-form Surfaces Using Network of Curves

Drexelius, Christopher; Talwalkar, Rohit Uday; Cho, Brian; Bailey, Brian P.
SNARF Taxonomies for Sketching Novel and Realistic Functionality

Hsia, A.; Samoylov, A.; McGovern, A.; Bailey, B.
Designer s Choice: Constructing a Study to Compare Display Interfaces for Early Design Sketching

Hashimoto, Yasunari; Igarashi, Takeo
Retrieving Web Page Layouts using Sketches to Support Example-based Web Design

Coahran, M.; Fiume, E.
Sketch-Based Design for Bargello Quilts

Mao, C.; Qin, S. F.; Wright, D. K.
A Sketch-Based Gesture Interface for Rough 3D Stick Figure Animation

Malik, Shahzad
A Sketching Interface for Modeling and Editing Hairstyles