Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization 2004

Yuan, Xiaoru; Chen, Baoquan
Illustrating Surfaces in Volume

Tzeng, Fan-Yin; Ma, Kwan-Liu
A Cluster-Space Visual Interface for Arbitrary Dimensional Classification of Volume Data

Lum, Eric B.; Wilson, Brett; Ma, Kwan-Liu
High-Quality Lighting and Efficient Pre-Integration for Volume Rendering

Jang, Yun; Weiler, Manfred; Hopf, Matthias; Huang, Jingshu; Ebert, David S.; Gaither, Kelly P.; Ertl, Thomas
Interactively Visualizing Procedurally Encoded Scalar Fields

Kosara, Robert; Bendix, Fabian; Hauser, Helwig
TimeHistograms for Large, Time-Dependent Data

Amir, Amihood; Kashi, Reuven; Keim, Daniel A.; Netanyahu, Nathan S.; Wawryniuk, Markus
Shape-Embedded-Histograms for Visual Data Mining

Koren, Yehuda
Graph Drawing by Subspace Optimization

Brandes, U.; Dwyer, T.; Schreiber, F.
Visual Triangulation of Network-Based Phylogenetic Trees

Laramee, Robert S.; Schneider, Jürgen; Hauser, Helwig
Texture-Based Flow Visualization on Isosurfaces from Computational Fluid Dynamics

Doleisch, Helmut; Mayer, Michael; Gasser, Martin; Wanker, Roland; Hauser, Helwig
Case Study: Visual Analysis of Complex, Time-Dependent Simulation Results of a Diesel Exhaust System

Breiner, T.; Dörner, R.; Seiler, C.; Gudo, M.
Visualising Organisms with Hydraulic Body Parts: A Case Study in Integrating Simulation and Visualisation Models

Stainforth, D.A.; Frame, D.; Walton, J.P.R.B.
Visualization For Public-Resource Climate Modeling

Peeters, Tim; Fiers, Mark; Wetering, Huub van de; Nap, Jan-Peter; Wijk, Jarke J. van
Case Study: Visualization of annotated DNA sequences

Cruz, A. La
Accuracy Evaluation of Different Centerline Approximations of Blood Vessels

Schlechtweg, Stefan; Schulze-Wollgast, Petra; Schumann, Heidrun
Interactive TreemapsWith Detail on Demand to Support Information Search in Documents

Müller, Wolfgang; Alexa, Marc
Visual Component Analysis

Ward, M.; Yang, J.
Interaction Spaces in Data and Information Visualization

Kindlmann, Gordon
Superquadric Tensor Glyphs

Garth, Christoph; Tricoche, Xavier; Salzbrunn, Tobias; Bobach, Tom; Scheuermann, Gerik
Surface Techniques for Vortex Visualization

Urnessy, Timothy; Interrante, Victoria; Longmire, Ellen; Marusic, Ivan; Ganapathisubramani, Bharathram
Techniques for Visualizing Multi-Valued Flow Data

Vilanova, A.; Berenschot, G.; Pul, C. van
DTI Visualization with Streamsurfaces and Evenly-Spaced Volume Seeding

Weinkauf, T.; Theisel, H.; Hege, H.-C.; Seidel, H.-P.
Boundary Switch Connectors for Topological Visualization of Complex 3D Vector Fields

Shin, Youngin; Bajaj, Chandrajit
Auralization I: Vortex Sound Synthesis

Wiley, D. F.; Childs, H. R.; Hamann, B.; Joy, K. I.
Ray Casting Curved-Quadratic Elements

Guthe, M.; Balázs, Á.; Klein, R.
Interactive High Quality Trimmed NURBS Visualization Using Appearance Preserving Tessellation

Strzodka, R.; Telea, A.
Generalized Distance Transforms and Skeletons in Graphics Hardware

Chlan, E. B.; Rheingans, Penny
A Botanically Inspired High-Dimensional Visualization with Multivariate Glyphs

Klink, Stefan; Ley, Michael; Rabbidge, Emma; Reuther, Patrick; Walter, Bernd; Weber, Alexander
Browsing and Visualizing Digital Bibliographic Data

Bauer, Michael
Visualization of Cardio-CT Data on Standard PC Hardware

Kniss, Joe; Schulze, Jürgen P.; Wössner, Uwe; Winkler, Peter; Lang, Ulrich; Hansen, Charles
Medical Applications of Multi-Field Volume Rendering and VR Techniques

Reina, G.; Ertl, T.
Volume Visualization and Visual Queries for Large High-Dimensional Datasets

Balzer, Michael; Noack, Andreas; Deussen, Oliver; Lewerentz, Claus
Software Landscapes: Visualizing the Structure of Large Software Systems

Plate, John; Grundhoefer, Anselm; Schmidt, Benjamin; Froehlich, und Bernd
Occlusion Culling for Sub-Surface Models in Geo-Scientific Applications

Co, Christopher S.; Porumbescu, Serban D.; Joy, Kenneth I.
Meshless Isosurface Generation from Multiblock Data

Ji, Guangfeng; Shen, Han-Wei
Efficient Isosurface Tracking Using Precomputed Correspondence Table

Ji, Guangfeng; Shen, Han-Wei
Efficient Isosurface Tracking Using Precomputed Correspondence Table

Neubauer, A.; Forster, M.; Wegenkittl, R.; Mroz, L.; Bühler, K.
Efficient Display of Background Objects for Virtual Endoscopy using Flexible First-Hit Ray Casting

Oeltze, S.; Preim, B.
Visualization of Anatomic Tree Structures with Convolution Surfaces

Reis, Gerd; Bertram, Martin; Lengen, Rolf H. van; Hagen, Hans
Adaptive Volume Construction from Ultrasound Images of a Human Heart