Computer Graphics Forum 2011 / CGF 30 - 3 

Lampe, Ove Daae; Hauser, Helwig
Curve Density Estimates

Muigg, Philipp; Hadwiger, Markus; Doleisch, Helmut; Gröller, Eduard
Visual Coherence for Large-Scale Line-Plot Visualizations

Heinrich, Julian; Bachthaler, S.; Weiskopf, Daniel
Progressive Splatting of Continuous Scatterplots and Parallel Coordinates

Beketayev, Kenes; Weber, G. H.; Haranczyk, M.; Bremer, P.-T.; Hlawitschka, M.; Hamann, B.
Topology-based Visualization of Transformation Pathways in Complex Chemical Systems

Krone, M.; Falk, M.; Rehm, S.; Pleiss, J.; Ertl, T.
Interactive Exploration of Protein Cavities

Zwan, Matthew van der; Lueks, Wouter; Bekker, Henk; Isenberg, Tobias
Illustrative Molecular Visualization with Continuous Abstraction

Hao, M. C.; Janetzko, H.; Mittelstädt, S.; Hill, W.; Dayal, U.; Keim, D. A.; Marwah, M.; Sharma, R. K.
A Visual Analytics Approach for Peak-Preserving Prediction of Large Seasonal Time Series

Ward, Matthew O.; Guo, Zhenyu
Visual Exploration of Time-Series Data with Shape Space Projections

Turkay, Cagatay; Parulek, J.; Reuter, N.; Hauser, Helwig
Interactive Visual Analysis of Temporal Cluster Structures

Chou, Jia -Kai; Yang, C. -K.
PaperVis: Literature Review Made Easy

Correll, Michael; Witmore, M.; Gleicher, M.
Exploring Collections of Tagged Text for Literary Scholarship

Wu, Yingcai; Provan, Thomas; Wei, Furu; Liu, Shixia; Ma, Kwan-Liu
Semantic-Preserving Word Clouds by Seam Carving

Pagot, Christian; Osmari, D.; Sadlo, F.; Weiskopf, Daniel; Ertl, Thomas; Comba, J.
Efficient Parallel Vectors Feature Extraction from Higher-Order Data

Germer, Tobias; Otto, Mathias; Peikert, R.; Theisel, H.
Lagrangian Coherent Structures with Guaranteed Material Separation

Pobitzer, A.; Tutkun, M.; Andreassen, Ø.; Fuchs, R.; Peikert, R.; Hauser, H.
Energy-scale Aware Feature Extraction for Flow Visualization

Jänicke, Heike; Weidner, Thomas; Chung, David; Laramee, Robert S.; Townsend, Peter; Chen, Min
Visual Reconstructability as a Quality Metric for Flow Visualization

Anderson, Erik W.; Potter, K. C.; Matzen, L. E.; Shepherd, J. F.; Preston, G. A.; Silva, C. T.
A User Study of Visualization Effectiveness Using EEG and Cognitive Load

Willems, Niels; Wetering, Huub van de; Wijk, Jarke J. van
Evaluation of the Visibility of Vessel Movement Features in Trajectory Visualizations

Baer, Alexandra; Gasteiger, Rocco; Cunningham, Douglas; Preim, Bernhard
Perceptual Evaluation of Ghosted View Techniques for the Exploration of Vascular Structures and Embedded Flow

Caban, Jesus J.; Rheingans, Penny; Yoo, T.
An Evaluation of Visualization Techniques to Illustrate Statistical Deformation Models

Auer, Cornelia; Hotz, Ingrid
Complete Tensor Field Topology on 2D Triangulated Manifolds embedded in 3D

Schultz, Thomas
Topological Features in 2D Symmetric Higher-Order Tensor Fields

Szymczak, Andrzej
Stable Morse Decompositions for Piecewise Constant Vector Fields on Surfaces

Ghani, Sohaib; Riche, N. Henry; Elmqvist, Niklas
Dynamic Insets for Context-Aware Graph Navigation

Oelke, Daniela; Janetzko, Halldor; Simon, Svenja; Neuhaus, Klaus; Keim, Daniel A.
Visual Boosting in Pixel-based Visualizations

Brosz, John; Carpendale, Sheelagh; Nacenta, Miguel A.
The Undistort Lens

Bremm, Sebastian; Landesberger, Tatiana von; Bernard, Jürgen; Schreck, Tobias
Assisted Descriptor Selection Based on Visual Comparative Data Analysis

Tam, Gary K. L.; Fang, H.; Aubrey, A. J.; Grant, P. W.; Rosin, P. L.; Marshall, D.; Chen, M.
Visualization of Time-Series Data in Parameter Space for Understanding Facial Dynamics

Berger, Wolfgang; Piringer, H.; Filzmoser, P.; Gröller, Eduard
Uncertainty-Aware Exploration of Continuous Parameter Spaces Using Multivariate Prediction

Engel, Daniel; Rosenbaum, R.; Hamann, B.; Hagen, Hans
Structural Decomposition Trees

Pöthkow, Kai; Weber, Britta; Hege, Hans-Christian
Probabilistic Marching Cubes

Schott, Mathias; Grosset, A. V. Pascal; Martin, Tobias; Pegoraro, Vincent; Smith, Sean T.; Hansen, Charles D.
Depth of Field Effects for Interactive Direct Volume Rendering

Pfaffelmoser, Tobias; Reitinger, Matthias; Westermann, Rüdiger
Visualizing the Positional and Geometrical Variability of Isosurfaces in Uncertain Scalar Fields

Barakat, Samer; Andrysco, N.; Tricoche, Xavier
Fast Extraction of High-quality Crease Surfaces for Visual Analysis

Boyandin, Ilya; Bertini, Enrico; Bak, Peter; Lalanne, Denis
Flowstrates: An Approach for Visual Exploration of Temporal Origin-Destination Data

Drocourt, Y.; Borgo, Rita; Scharrer, K.; Murray, T.; Bevan, S. I.; Chen, M.
Temporal Visualization of Boundary-based Geo-information Using Radial Projection

Williams, S.; Hecht, M.; Petersen, M.; Strelitz, R.; Maltrud, M.; Ahrens, J.; Hlawitschka, M.; Hamann, B.
Visualization and Analysis of Eddies in a Global Ocean Simulation

Barlowe, Scott; Liu, Yujie; Yang, Jing; Livesay, Dennis R.; Jacobs, Donald J.; Mottonen, James; Verma, Deeptak
WaveMap: Interactively Discovering Features From Protein Flexibility Matrices Using Wavelet-based Visual Analytics

Graham, Martin; Kennedy, Jessie; Paterson, Trevor; Law, Andy
Visualising Errors in Animal Pedigree Genotype Data

Lambert, Antoine; Dubois, J.; Bourqui, Romain
Pathway Preserving Representation of Metabolic Networks

Rieder, Christian; Palmer, Stephan; Link, Florian; Hahn, Horst K.
A Shader Framework for Rapid Prototyping of GPU-Based Volume Rendering

Neugebauer, Mathias; Janiga, Gabor; Beuing, Oliver; Skalej, Martin; Preim, Bernhard
Anatomy-Guided Multi-Level Exploration of Blood Flow in Cerebral Aneurysms

Marino, Joseph; Kaufman, Arie
Prostate Cancer Visualization from MR Imagery and MR Spectroscopy

Reda, Khairi; Tantipathananandh, Chayant; Johnson, Andrew; Leigh, Jason; Berger-Wolf, Tanya
Visualizing the Evolution of Community Structures in Dynamic Social Networks

Simonetto, Paolo; Archambault, Daniel; Auber, David; Bourqui, Romain
ImPrEd: An Improved Force-Directed Algorithm that Prevents Nodes from Crossing Edges

Crnovrsanin, Tarik; Liao, Isaac; Wuy, Yingcai; Ma, Kwan-Liu
Visual Recommendations for Network Navigation

Paulovich, Fernando V.; Eler, D. M.; Poco, J.; Botha, Charl P.; Minghim, R.; Nonato, L. G.
Piecewise Laplacian-based Projection for Interactive Data Exploration and Organization

Nagaraj, Suthambhara; Natarajan, Vijay; Nanjundiah, Ravi S.
A Gradient-Based Comparison Measure for Visual analysis of Multifield Data

Poco, Jorge; Etemadpour, Ronak; Paulovich, F. V.; Long, T. V.; Rosenthal, P.; Oliveira, M. C. F.; Linsen, Lars; Minghim, R.
A Framework for Exploring Multidimensional Data with 3D Projections

Ferdosi, Bilkis J.
Visualizing High-Dimensional Structures by Dimension Ordering and Filtering using Subspace Analysis

Shin, HyunJu; Park, GwangHyun; Han, JungHyun
Tablorer - An Interactive Tree Visualization System for Tablet PCs

Dinkla, Kasper; Westenberg, M. A.; Timmerman, H. M.; Hijum, S.A.F.T. van; Wijk, J. J. van
Comparison of Multiple Weighted Hierarchies: Visual Analytics for Microbe Community Profiling

Woodring, Jonathan; Ahrens, J.; Figg, J.; Wendelberger, J.; Habib, S.; Heitmann, K.
In-situ Sampling of a Large-Scale Particle Simulation for Interactive Visualization and Analysis

Sajadi, Behzad; Majumder, Aditi
Automatic Registration of Multi-Projector Domes Using a Single Uncalibrated Camera