Computer Graphics Forum 2019 / CGF 38 - 8 

Steinberger, Markus; Foley, Tim
High-Performance Graphics 2019 - CGF38-8: Frontmatter

Pratapa, Srihari; Manocha, Dinesh
HMLFC: Hierarchical Motion-Compensated Light Field Compression for Interactive Rendering

Ganter, David; Manzke, Michael
An Analysis of Region Clustered BVH Volume Rendering on GPU

Ellis, Apollo; Hunt, Warren; Hart, John
Real-Time Analytic Antialiased Text for 3-D Environments

Rückert, Darius; Stamminger, Marc
An Efficient Solution to Structured Optimization Problems using Recursive Matrices

Cetinaslan, Ozan
Position-Based Simulation of Elastic Models on the GPU with Energy Aware Gauss-Seidel Algorithm

Zirr, Tobias; Ritschel, Tobias
Distortion-Free Displacement Mapping