Joint Virtual Reality Conference of EGVE - EuroVR 2013

Dyck, Eugen; Pfeiffer, Thies; Botsch, Mario
Evaluation of Surround-View and Self-Rotation in the OCTAVIS VR-System

Bertrand, Jeffrey; Ebrahimi, Elham; Wachter, Aliceann; Luo, Jun; Babu, Sabarish V.; Duchowski, Andrew T.; Meehan, Nancy; Gramopadhye, Anand K.
Visual Attention to Wayfinding Aids in Virtual Environments

Lensing, Philipp; Broll, Wolfgang
LightSkin: Real-Time Global Illumination for Virtual and Mixed Reality

Mashalkar, Jai; Bagwe, Niket; Chaudhuri, Parag
Personalized Animatable Avatars from Depth Data

Lehericey, Francois; Gouranton, Valérie; Arnaldi, Bruno
Ray-Traced Collision Detection: Interpenetration Control and Multi-GPU Performance

Flotynski, Jakub; Walczak, Krzysztof
Semantic Modelling of Interactive 3D Content

Tatzgern, Markus; Grasset, Raphael; Veas, Eduardo; Kalkofen, Denis; Seichter, Hartmut; Schmalstieg, Dieter
Exploring Distant Objects with Augmented Reality

Ferrer, Vicente; Yang, Yifan; Perdomo, Alex; Quarles, John
Background Motion, Clutter, and the Impact on Virtual Object Motion Perception in Augmented Reality

Markov-Vetter, Daniela; Zander, Vanja; Latsch, Joachim; Staadt, Oliver
The Impact of Altered Gravitation on Performance and Workload of Augmented Reality Hand-Eye-Coordination: Inside vs. Outside of Human Body Frame of Reference

Moustakas, Konstantinos
Free-form Implicit Haptic Rendering

Katicic, Jurica; Häfner, Polina; Ovtcharova, Jivka
Methodology for Immersive Emotional Assessment of Virtual Product Design by Customers

Fiore, Loren Puchalla; Coben, Ella; Merritt, Samantha; Liu, Peng; Interrante, Victoria
Towards Enabling More Effective Locomotion in VR Using a Wheelchair-based Motion Platform

Giraud, Tom; Paljic, Alexis; Leroy, Laure
''It''+''I'': Virtual Embodiments as Hybrid Experiences