VAST: International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Intelligent Cultural Heritage - Short and Project Papers 2012

Abbott, Marcus
Visualising Stonehenge: A Virtual Archaeology

Coralini, A.; Guidazzoli, Antonella; Liguori, Maria Chiara; Baglivo, A.; Spigarolo, Micaela
Browsing Historical Pompeian Watercolours Through a Google Earth-based Meta Interface: Luigi Bazzani's Exhibition

D'Andrea, Andrea
Including Links in Linked Data: CIDOC-CRM and the Fourth T. Berners-Lee Rule

Bernardes, Paulo; Madeira, Joaquim; Martins, Manuela; Meireles, José
The Use of Traditional and Computer-based Visualization in Archaeology: a User Survey

Zancajo, Julio J.; Mostaza, Teresa; Ojeda, Juan-Carlos; Velázquez, R.; Farjas, Mercedes
Low Cost System for Management and Visualization of the Medieval and Modern Heritage of Madrid (Spain)

Gheorghiu, Dragos; Stefan, Livia
Mobile Technologies and the Use of Augmented Reality for Saving the Immaterial Heritage

Klindt, Marco; Prohaska, Steffen; Baum, Daniel; Hege, Hans-Christian
Conveying Archaeological Contexts to Museum Visitors: Case Study Pergamon Exhibition

Harris, Russell; Jimenez, Carlos
The V & A's mysterious Mamluk minbar

Kahn, Svenja; Keil, Jens; Zoellner, Michael; Mueller, Benedikt
Towards an Affordable Markerless Acquisition of Intangible Contemporary Dance Choreographies at Large-Scaled Stages

Higgett, Nick; Baines, Emily; Everitt, Dave; Saucedo, Gerardo; Tatham, Eric
Virtual Romans: Virtual Reconstruction of Roman Leicester (Ratae Corieltauvorum) 210 AD

Noghani, Jeremy; Anderson, Eike Falk; Liarokapis, Fotis
Towards a Vitruvian Shape Grammar for Procedurally Generating Classical Roman Architecture