IEEE/ EG Symposium on Volume and Point-Based Graphics 2008

Berner, A.; Bokeloh, M.; Wand, M.; Schilling, A.; Seidel, H.-P.
A Graph-Based Approach to Symmetry Detection

Cheng, Z.-Q.; Wang, Y.-Z.; Li, B.; Xu, K.; Dang, G.; Jin, S.-Y.
A Survey of Methods for Moving Least Squares Surfaces

Connor, M.; Kumar, P.
Parallel Construction of k-Nearest Neighbor Graphs for Point Clouds

Wang, Lujin; Mueller, Klaus
Harmonic Colormaps for Volume Visualization

Ropinski, T.; Praßni, J.; Steinicke, F.; Hinrichs, K.
Stroke-Based Transfer Function Design

Wang, Cuilan; Newman, Timothy S.; Lee, Jong Kwan
On Accuracy of Marching Isosurfacing Methods

Penner, Eric; Mitchell, Ross
Isosurface Ambient Occlusion and Soft Shadows with Filterable Occlusion Maps

Weiss, Kenneth; Floriani, Leila De
Multiresolution Interval Volume Meshes

Eng, Daniel Chern-Yeow; Choe, Yoonsuck
Stereo Pseudo 3D Rendering for Web-based Display of Scientific Volumetric Data

Raman, S.; Mishchenko, O.; Crawfis, R.
Layers for Effective Volume Rendering

Pelt, R.F.P. van; Vilanova, A.; Wetering, H.M.M. van de
GPU-based Particle Systems for Illustrative Volume Rendering

Kraus, M.
Pre-Integrated Volume Rendering for Multi-Dimensional Transfer Functions

Hernell, Frida; Ljung, Patric; Ynnerman, Anders
Interactive Global Light Propagation in Direct Volume Rendering using Local Piecewise Integration

Ruiz, M.; Boada, I.; Viola, I.; Bruckner, S.; Feixas, M.; Sbert, M.
Obscurance-based Volume Rendering Framework

Neeman, Alisa G.; Brannon, Rebecca; Jeremic, Boris; Gelder, Allen Van; Pang, Alex
Decomposition and Visualization of Fourth-Order Elastic-Plastic Tensors

Vanzine, Y.; Vrajitoru, D.
Pseudorandom Noise for Real-Time Volumetric Rendering of Fire in a Production System

Zhang, Yanci; Solenthaler, Barbara; Pajarola, Renato
Adaptive Sampling and Rendering of Fluids on the GPU

Mensmann, Jörg; Ropinski, Timo; Hinrichs, Klaus
Accelerating Volume Raycasting using Occlusion Frustums

Maximo, A.; Ribeiro, S.; Bentes, C.; Oliveira, A.; Farias, R.
Memory Efficient GPU-Based Ray Casting for Unstructured Volume Rendering

Beyer, Johanna; Hadwiger, Markus; Möller, Torsten; Fritz, Laura
Smooth Mixed-Resolution GPU Volume Rendering