Computer Graphics Forum 1998 / CGF 17 - 3 

Ferreira, F.; Goebel, Martin

Author Index

Van Dam, Andries
Frontiers in User-Computer Interaction

Foley, James D.
The Convergence of Graphics and Imaging

Encarnacao, Jose
Anno 2010 - Remembering Our Future: Challenges and Frontiers of Human-Media Technology as the Kernel for Human-Centered Computing

Durikovic, Roman; Kaneda, Kazufumi; Yamashita, Hideo
Animation of Biological Organ Growth Based on L-systems

Lee, Tong-Yee; Lin, Young-Ching; Sun, Y.N.; Lin, Leeween
Fast Feature-Based Metamorphosis and Operator Design

Bao, Hujun; Peng, Qunsheng
Interactive 3D Morphing

Grimm, Cindy; Ayers, Matthew
A Framework for Synchronized Editing of Multiple Curve Representations

Poupyrev, I.; Ichikawa, T.; Weghorst, S.; Billinghurst, M.
Egocentric Object Manipulation in Virtual Environments: Empirical Evaluation of Interaction Techniques

Lu, Tain-chi; Chiang, Chuanwen; Lin, Ming-tang; Lee, Chungnan
A Collaborative Scene Editor for VRML Worlds

Paquette, Eric; Poulin, Pierre; Drettakis, George
A Light Hierarchy for Fast Rendering of Scenes with Many Lights

Park, Tae-Joon; Shin, Sung Yong; Lee, Seungyong
Optical Flow Rendering

Dischler, J.M.; Ghazanfarpour, D.; Freydier, R.
Anisotropic Solid Texture Synthesis Using Orthogonal 2D Views

Sloan, Peter-Pike J.; Weinstein, David M.; Brederson, J.
Importance Driven Texture Coordinate Optimization

Buchanan, John W.
Simulating Wood Using a Voxel Approach

Cai, Wenli; Sakas, Georgios
Maximum Intensity Projection Using Splatting in Sheared Object Space

Grosso, Roberto; Ertl, Thomas
Progressive Iso-Surface Extraction from Hierarchical 3D Meshes

Poston, Tim; Wong, Tien-Tsin; Heng, Pheng-Ann
Multiresolution Isosurface Extraction with Adaptive Skeleton Climbing

Zaninetti, Jacques; Serpaggi, Xavier; Peroche, Bernard
A Vector Approach for Global Illumination in Ray Tracing

Martin, I.; Pueyo, X.; Tost, D.
A Two-Pass Hardware-Based Method for Hierarchical Radiosity

Stamminger, M.; Schirmacher, H.; Slusallek, Ph.; Seidel, H.-P.
Getting Rid of Links in Hierarchical Radiosity

Jardillier, Frank; Languenou, Eric
Screen-Space Constraints for Camera Movements: the Virtual Cameraman

Wang, Yigang; Bao, Hujun; Peng, Qunsheng
Accelerated Walkthroughs of Virtual Environments Based on Visibility Preprocessing and Simplification

Bandi, Srikanth; Thalmann, Daniel
Space Discretization for Efficient Human Navigation

Streit, L.; Buchanan, J.
Importance Driven Halftoning

Buhmann, J. M.; Fellner, Dieter W.; Held, M.; Ketterer, J.; Puzicha, J.
Dithered Color Quantization

Neumann, Laszlo; Matkovic, Kresimir; Purgathofer, Werner
Perception Based Color Image Difference

Cohen-Or, Daniel; Fibich, Gadi; Halperin, Dan; Zadicario, Eyal
Conservative Visibility and Strong Occlusion for Viewspace Partitioning of Densely Occluded Scenes

Loos, J.; Slusallek, Ph.; Seidel, H.-P.
Using Wavefront Tracing for the Visualization and Optimization of Progressive Lenses

Ai, Z.; Frohlich, T.
Molecular Dynamics Simulation in Virtual Environments

Zhu, Qing-hong; Chen, Yan; Kaufman, Arie
Real-time Biomechanically-based Muscle Volume Deformation using FEM

Roth, S.H.; Gross, Markus H.; Turello, Silvio; Carls, Friedrich R.
A Bernstein-Bezier Based Approach to Soft Tissue Simulation

Koch, Rolf M.; Gross, Markus H.; Bosshard, Albert A.
Emotion Editing using Finite Elements

Weimer, Henrik; Warren, Joe
Subdivision Schemes for Thin Plate Splines

Krishnan, S.; Gopi, M.; Lin, M.; Manocha, D.; Pattekar, A.
Rapid and Accurate Contact Determination between Spline Models using ShellTrees

Zheng, J.M.; Chan, K.W.; Gibson, I.
A New Approach for Direct Manipulation of Free-Form Curve

Theisel, Holger; Kreuseler, Matthias
An Enhanced Spring Model for Information Visualization

Howlett, P.; Hewitt, W.T.
Mass-Spring Simulation using Adaptive Non-Active Points

Meißner, M.; Eberhardt, B.
The Art of Knitted Fabrics, Realistic & Physically Based Modelling Of Knitted Patterns

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