Computer Graphics Forum 1988 / CGF 7 - 4 


Bouatouch, Kadi
Theoretical Developments on Polygonal Approximation of Parametric Surfaces for Ray Tracing

Herman, I.; Reviczky, J.
Some Remarks on the Modelling Gip Problem

Kaya, Aydin; Ozguc, Bulent
Continuous Processing of Images through User Sketched Functional Blocks

Pueyo, Xavier; Tost, Daniela
A Survey of Computer Animation

Schneider, Bengt-Olaf
A Processor for an Object-Oriented Rendering System

Schouten, H.J.; Ten Hagen, P.J.W.
Dialogue Cell Resource Model and Basic Dialogue Cells

Slater, Mel
A Top Down Method for Interactive Drawing

Theoharis, Theohaiis; Page, Ian
Incremental Polygon Rendering on a SIMD Processor Array

Lastra, G.L.; Rudinger, E.N.
A Note on Random Thresholding for Colour Synthesis

Bettels, Jurgen; Bono, Peter R.; McGinnis, Eileen; Rix, Joachim
Guidelines for Determining When to Use GKS and When to Use PHIGS

Owen, J.
Book Reviews

Watkins, H.K.
Eurographics 88 Conference Nice France, 12-16 September 1988

Blake, E.H.
Report on the Third Eurographics Workshop on Graphics Hardware

Seidel, Hans-Peter
Report on the International Conference"Theory and Practice of Geometric Modelling"

Duce, D A
EUROGRAPHICS 89 Hamburg, 4-8 September 1989

Fourth Eurographics Workshop on Graphics Hardware

Third Eurographics Workshop on IUVTELLIGENT CAD SYSTEMS"Practical Experience and Evaluation"

Workshop on Product Data Modelling Call for Papers

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