Graphics Hardware 2005

Wexler, Daniel; Gritz, Larry; Enderton, Eric; Rice, Jonathan
GPU-Accelerated High-Quality Hidden Surface Removal

Foley, Tim; Sugerman, Jeremy
KD-Tree Acceleration Structures for a GPU Raytracer

Laine, Samuli
Split-Plane Shadow Volumes

Bando, Yosuke; Saito, Takahiro; Fujita, Masahiro
Hexagonal Storage Scheme for Interleaved Frame Buffers and Textures

Hensley, Justin; Singh, Montek; Lastra, Anselmo
A Fast, Energy-Efficient Z-Comparator

G.Wetekam,; Staneker, D.; Kanus, U.; M.Wand,
A Hardware Architecture for Multi-Resolution Volume Rendering

Purnomo, Budirijanto; Bilodeau, Jonathan; Cohen, Jonathan D.; Kumar, Subodh
Hardware-Compatible Vertex Compression Using Quantization and Simplification

Ström, Jacob; Akenine-Möller, Tomas
iPACKMAN: High-Quality, Low-Complexity Texture Compression for Mobile Phones

Chen, Jiawen; Gordon, Michael I.; Thies, William; Zwicker, Matthias; Pulli, Kari; Durand, Frédo
A Reconfigurable Architecture for Load-Balanced Rendering

Whitted, T.; Kajiya, J.
Fully Procedural Graphics

Heirich, Alan
Optimal Automatic Multi-pass Shader Partitioning by Dynamic Programming

Boubekeur, Tamy; Schlick, Christophe
Generic Mesh Refinement on GPU

Olano, Marc
Modified Noise for Evaluation on Graphics Hardware