Computer Graphics Forum 2015 / CGF 34 - 2 

Olga Sorkine-Hornung; Michael Wimmer
EUROGRAPHICS 2015: CGF 34-2 Frontmatter

Zeng, Qiong; Chen, Wenzheng; Wang, Huan; Tu, Changhe; Cohen-Or, Daniel; Lischinski, Dani; Chen, Baoquan
Hallucinating Stereoscopy from a Single Image

Liu, Tianqiang; McCann, Jim; Li, Wilmot; Funkhouser, Thomas
Composition-Aware Scene Optimization for Product Images

Yuksel, Cem
Sample Elimination for Generating Poisson Disk Sample Sets

Miandji, Ehsan; Kronander, Joel; Unger, Jonas
Compressive Image Reconstruction in Reduced Union of Subspaces

Iglesias-Guitian, Jose A.; Aliaga, Carlos; Jarabo, Adrian; Gutierrez, Diego
A Biophysically-Based Model of the Optical Properties of Skin Aging

Perazzi, Federico; Sorkine-Hornung, Alexander; Zimmer, Henning; Kaufmann, Peter; Wang, Oliver; Watson, Scott; Gross, Markus
Panoramic Video from Unstructured Camera Arrays

Ghanem, Bernard; Cao, Yuanhao; Wonka, Peter
Designing Camera Networks by Convex Quadratic Programming

Gastal, Eduardo S. L.; Oliveira, Manuel M.
High-Order Recursive Filtering of Non-Uniformly Sampled Signals for Image and Video Processing

Dai, Dengxin; Timofte, Radu; Gool, Luc Van
Jointly Optimized Regressors for Image Super-resolution

Gain, James; Merry, Bruce; Marais, Patrick
Parallel, Realistic and Controllable Terrain Synthesis

Kelly, Tom; Wonka, Peter; Müller, Pascal
Interactive Dimensioning of Parametric Models

Averbuch-Elor, Hadar; Wan, Yunhai; Qian, Yiming; Gong, Minglun; Kopf, Johannes; Zhang, Hao; Cohen-Or, Daniel
Distilled Collections from Textual Image Queries

Nguyen, Chuong H.; Nalbach, Oliver; Ritschel, Tobias; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Guiding Image Manipulations using Shape-appearance Subspaces from Co-alignment of Image Collections

Fried, Ohad; DiVerdi, Stephen; Halber, Maciej; Sizikova, Elena; Finkelstein, Adam
IsoMatch: Creating Informative Grid Layouts

Kim, Jongdae; Gray, Charles; Asente, Paul; Collomosse, John
Comprehensible Video Thumbnails

Kim, Hyeon-Joong; Öztireli, A. Cengiz; Shin, Il-Kyu; Gross, Markus; Choi, Soo-Mi
Interactive Generation of Realistic Facial Wrinkles from Sketchy Drawings

Garrido, Pablo; Valgaerts, Levi; Sarmadi, Hamid; Steiner, Ingmar; Varanasi, Kiran; Perez, Patrick; Theobalt, Christian
VDub: Modifying Face Video of Actors for Plausible Visual Alignment to a Dubbed Audio Track

Ilcík, Martin; Musialski, Przemyslaw; Auzinger, Thomas; Wimmer, Michael
Layer-Based Procedural Design of Façades

Nan, Liangliang; Jiang, Caigui; Ghanem, Bernard; Wonka, Peter
Template Assembly for Detailed Urban Reconstruction

Hergel, Jean; Lefebvre, Sylvain
3D Fabrication of 2D Mechanisms

Herholz, Philipp; Matusik, Wojciech; Alexa, Marc
Approximating Free-form Geometry with Height Fields for Manufacturing

Arpa, Sami; Süsstrunk, Sabine; Hersch, Roger D.
High Reliefs from 3D Scenes

Boscaini, Davide; Eynard, Davide; Kourounis, Drosos; Bronstein, Michael M.
Shape-from-Operator: Recovering Shapes from Intrinsic Operators

Zheng, Qian; Hao, Zhuming; Huang, Hui; Xu, Kai; Zhang, Hao; Cohen-Or, Daniel; Chen, Baoquan
Skeleton-Intrinsic Symmetrization of Shapes

Kerbl, Bernhard; Kalkofen, Denis; Steinberger, Markus; Schmalstieg, Dieter
Interactive Disassembly Planning for Complex Objects

Edwards, John; Daniel, Eric; Pascucci, Valerio; Bajaj, Chandrajit
Approximating the Generalized Voronoi Diagram of Closely Spaced Objects

Lindemeier, Thomas; Metzner, Jens; Pollak, Lena; Deussen, Oliver
Hardware-Based Non-Photorealistic Rendering Using a Painting Robot

Bubník, Vojtech; Havran, Vlastimil
Light Chisel: 6DOF Pen Tracking

Li, Yuqi; Majumder, Aditi; Lu, Dongming; Gopi, Meenakshisundaram
Content-Independent Multi-Spectral Display Using Superimposed Projections

Kaspar, Alexandre; Neubert, Boris; Lischinski, Dani; Pauly, Mark; Kopf, Johannes
Self Tuning Texture Optimization

Kratt, Julian; Spicker, Marc; Guayaquil, Alejandro; Fiser, Marek; Pirk, Sören; Deussen, Oliver; Hart, John C.; Benes, Bedrich
Woodification: User-Controlled Cambial Growth Modeling

Yoo, Min-Joon; Lee, In-Kwon; Lee, Seungyong
Color Sequence Preserving Decolorization

Summa, Brian; Gooch, Amy A.; Scorzelli, Giorgio; Pascucci, Valerio
Paint and Click: Unified Interactions for Image Boundaries

Zhang, Wenjing; Zheng, Jianmin; Thalmann, Nadia Magnenat
Real-Time Subspace Integration for Example-Based Elastic Material

Fratarcangeli, Marco; Pellacini, Fabio
Scalable Partitioning for Parallel Position Based Dynamics

Liu, Libin; Yin, KangKang; Guo, Baining
Improving Sampling-based Motion Control

Li, Weizi; Wolinski, David; Pettré, Julien; Lin, Ming C.
Biologically-Inspired Visual Simulation of Insect Swarms

Li, Yangyan; Dai, Angela; Guibas, Leonidas; Nießner, Matthias
Database-Assisted Object Retrieval for Real-Time 3D Reconstruction

Wong, Yu-Shiang; Chu, Hung-Kuo; Mitra, Niloy J.
SmartAnnotator: An Interactive Tool for Annotating Indoor RGBD Images

Zhu, Lifeng; Hu, Xiaoyan; Kavan, Ladislav
Adaptable Anatomical Models for Realistic Bone Motion Reconstruction

Ando, Ryoichi; Thürey, Nils; Wojtan, Chris
A Dimension-reduced Pressure Solver for Liquid Simulations

Weber, Daniel; Mueller-Roemer, Johannes; Stork, André; Fellner, Dieter W.
A Cut-Cell Geometric Multigrid Poisson Solver for Fluid Simulation

Takahashi, Tetsuya; Dobashi, Yoshinori; Fujishiro, Issei; Nishita, Tomoyuki; Lin, Ming C.
Implicit Formulation for SPH-based Viscous Fluids

Liu, Han; Vimont, Ulysse; Wand, Michael; Cani, Marie-Paule; Hahmann, Stefanie; Rohmer, Damien; Mitra, Niloy J.
Replaceable Substructures for Efficient Part-Based Modeling

Ritchie, Daniel; Lin, Sharon; Goodman, Noah D.; Hanrahan, Pat
Generating Design Suggestions under Tight Constraints with Gradient-based Probabilistic Programming

Bittner, Jirí; Meister, Daniel
T-SAH: Animation Optimized Bounding Volume Hierarchies

Mattausch, Oliver; Bittner, Jirí; Jaspe, Alberto; Gobbetti, Enrico; Wimmer, Michael; Pajarola, Renato
CHC+RT: Coherent Hierarchical Culling for Ray Tracing

Gerhards, Julien; Mora, Frédéric; Aveneau, Lilian; Ghazanfarpour, Djamchid
Partitioned Shadow Volumes

Bus, Norbert; Mustafa, Nabil H.; Biri, Venceslas

Simon, Florian; Hanika, Johannes; Dachsbacher, Carsten
Rich-VPLs for Improving the Versatility of Many-Light Methods

Jung, Jin Woo; Meyer, Gary; DeLong, Ralph
Robust Statistical Pixel Estimation

Bauszat, Pablo; Eisemann, Martin; Eisemann, Elmar; Magnor, Marcus
General and Robust Error Estimation and Reconstruction for Monte Carlo Rendering

Smith, Jason; Schaefer, Scott
Selective Degree Elevation for Multi-Sided Bézier Patches

Brandt, Christopher; Seidel, Hans-Peter; Hildebrandt, Klaus
Optimal Spline Approximation via l0-Minimization

Pietroni, Nico; Tonelli, Davide; Puppo, Enrico; Froli, Maurizio; Scopigno, Roberto; Cignoni, Paolo
Statics Aware Grid Shells