Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2012

Selmanovic, Elmedin; Debattista, Kurt; Bashford-Rogers, Thomas; Chalmers, Alan
Backwards Compatible JPEG Stereoscopic High Dynamic Range Imaging

Wanat, Robert; Petit, Josselin; Mantiuk, Rafal
Physical and Perceptual Limitations of a Projector-based High Dynamic Range Display

Staton, Sam; Debattista, Kurt; Bashford-Rogers, Thomas; Chalmers, Alan
Light Clustering for Dynamic Image Based Lighting

Richmond, Paul; Allerton, David J.
Path Tracing on Massively Parallel Neuromorphic Hardware

Barrett, Martin; Blackledge, J. M.
Using Quest3D to Develop VES: a Tool for Enhancing Electrical Safety and Design in the Built Environment

Wanner, Fabian; Pece, Fabrizio; Kautz, Jan
Simplified User Interface for Architectural Reconstruction

Karmakharm, Twin; Richmond, Paul
Large Scale Pedestrian Multi-Simulation for a Decision Support Tool

Trümper, Jonas; Telea, Alexandru; Döllner, Jürgen
ViewFusion: Correlating Structure and Activity Views for Execution Traces

Edmunds, Matt; Laramee, Robert S.; Chen, Guoning; Zhang, Eugene; Max, Nelson
Advanced, Automatic Stream Surface Seeding and Filtering

Ma, Ji; Murphy, D.; O'Mathuna, C.; Hayes, M.; Provan, G.
Analyzing and Visualizing Multivariate Volumetric Scalar Data and Their Uncertainties

Wei, Hui; Clapworthy, Gordon J.; Liu, E.; Zhao, Y.; McFarlane, N. M. B.
Hardware Accelerated Medical Data Visualisation on the Web

Longshaw, Stephen M.; Turner, Martin J.; Finch, Emma
Visualizing a Spherical Geological Discrete Element Model of Fault Evolution

Spina, Sandro; Debattista, Kurt; Bugeja, Keith; Chalmers, Alan
Fast Scalable k-NN Computation for Very Large Point Clouds

Ahmed, Abdalla G. M.
On the Fractal Behaviour of AA Patterns

Telea, Alexandru; Jalba, Andrei C.
Computing Curve Skeletons from Medial Surfaces of 3D Shapes